2017 ABCD Plans

The next Alabama Baptist Conference of the Deaf will be March 10-12, 2017. Please notice this is the second weekend of March, not the first weekend like in many years past. Thank you and God bless!

Here is the official flyer that you can print or share with others.

abcd-2017 flyer

There are different prices, depending on if you are staying in the hotel or drive back and forth (commuter). Here is the 2017 price list:


We are moving to different buildings this year! When you arrive this year (between 4:00 to 5:20 pm), you will sign in and get your keys from Bagley center as always. Then you will go to Mountain Ridge Lodge (MRL) to find your hotel room and unload your things. Below is a close-up view of Shocco map. We will eat on Friday for dinner (5:30 pm) and Sunday lunch at Bagley. The other meals will be in the Stephens Activities Center (SAC) cafeteria. The plan is for 0-6, 7-12, and adults to have classes/worship services in SAC. Everyone who plans to spend the night will sleep at Mountain Ridge Lodge (MRL). Also, Jr. ABCD will have their worship services in the conference room of MRL. They will not have access to our hotel rooms. See more information about ABCD 2017 below the map.


You can register online again this year. However, we still need the messenger forms with your pastor signature on it.

If you are a messenger with your pastor signature, you have the right to vote. Everyone is welcome, and everyone (no matter where you attend church or don’t attend church) can be involved with our activities. But if you come as a visitor, you can attend the business meeting, but you cannot vote.

Here is the link to register online: Shocco online registration

Here is the PDF of the messenger form: abcd-2017-messenger-form

ABCD 2017 schedule: abcd-2017-schedule